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Ooma Telo will not connect to server

I have an Ooma Telo VOIP device connected to a LAN port on my router. If I change the DNS settings to Verisign, the Ooma device loses the connection to its server. If I change the DNS settings to Google or Open DNS, ot will work fine. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


  • edited April 2017
    Hi Shadetree

    Can you please let us if you are making the DNS changes on your Ooma Telo VOIP device or on your router?
    Also, aside from the Ooma device loosing the connections to its server, did you notice any other network issues?

    Kind Regards,
  • I made the changes to my router. Haven't noticed any other issues.
  • Problem solved! I took alee's advice and changed the DNS settings on the Ooma device to google and left the verisign on router. Eerything is connected now.
  • Shadetree,

    Thanks for the confirmation. I am glad everything is working as normal.

    Kind Regards,
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