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DNS over TLS

Good morning, everyone!

I have been using Verisign's Public DNS for some time now, and have found it to be reliable and among the most responsive in my list of forwarders. I use a pair of Unbound servers in my local network for caching and resolving, and with recent updates to the OpenBSD boxes that those servers run on, I can now implement dns-over-tls. Unfortunately, your servers at and do not accept connections of that type.

I would like to continue using your servers, given their performance in the past. Do you have any plans to implement dns-over-tls, or do you have testing machines that those of us who are using the service might try out?

Thank you for your time and effort.

Best, Sean P. Murphy


  • Sean, we are reviewing your inquiry and will follow up when we have more information.

    Jason C
  • Sean,
    At Verisign we are always reviewing the latest updates and security measures. We are currently reviewing both DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS, but we do not have specific implementation dates at this time. We will update when more information is available.

    Jason C
  • Thanks for the update, Jason. Looking forward to it.
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