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DNS Resolver Services

I have found many different DNS resolver services out there on the internet such as Google DNS & and also others like Open DNS and of course VERISIGN

I am in Australia. And I have just found these guys

Primary DNS is and the secondary

How do I test which DNS server to use would be better?


  • Hi mgiannelis1,

    A secure, stable and reliable recursive DNS service is an integral part of providing users unhindered access to the Internet. A recursive DNS service should serve its user accurate, unmodified answers and should have the following traits:

    Stability – Verisign Public DNS leverages Verisign’s extensive experience and knowledge in the DNS Infrastructure.

    An unstable Recursive DNS Service can result in an outage and no access to the Internet.

    Security – Verisign Public DNS utilizes the same technology that has powered the .com and .net domain extensions for more than 18 years with 100 percent uptime.

    An unsecure Recursive DNS Service may be unavailable and provide incorrect, or no, responses to user requests.

    Privacy –Verisign Public DNS respects users’ rights to data privacy by not selling the data or serving any ads.

    A Recursive Server knows a lot about a user’s surfing habits and a server that does not respect a user’s privacy may end up divulging a lot of information about the user.

    Given with the above factors, you may decide which DNS resolvers will suit you better for your needs. However, please note that the speed you get will also depend on your geological location.
  • So. How do you tell which is best?
  • Hi mgiannelis1,

    Since there are multiple factors that will come into consideration, (destination, your location, etc..) your choice of DNS resolvers will depend on your needs.
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