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Slowest DNS Cache updates on the planet

Had a domain expire today, and updated payment to turn it back on. Within minutes, six other dns resolvers were able to direct to my site. After 30 minutes Verisign still had not updated. After I flushed my caches on PC and router restart everything and retry after 30 minutes DNS still had not updated. Accidentally discovered the manual Verisign updater page and forced it. Result was almost immediate. Happy, but disappointing one of the largest names in the industry provides such slow cache updates. Web search results going back as far as 2004 show that updates should take place every 5 minutes, but this is not the case. Thought I had a good one here, but will now be changing 100+ devices to use something else.


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    Thank you for your feedback! We are reviewing further and you should expect an update from us soon.
  • Hi racassel,

    Based on the information you have provided, the issue is likely related to the NXD cache of your domain name.
    Based on your description, you seemed to have pre-configured to use our Public DNS service, it's likely that you have tried to resolve your domain name (before it's renewed) and hence the response was cached.

    On the other hand, the other 6 DNS Resolvers you speak of might receive no queries (before your renewal) hence when you try to perform a check (after renewal), there were no cached records which explains why they were able to provide the latest response.

    In terms of your comments indicating that updates should take place every 5 minutes,
    this is not the case. Most Public DNS services out there do cache DNS responses (to reduce load and provide faster response) and the duration of the cache depends on the record's TTL (time to live). Generally this can be anywhere between a few seconds to a few days depending on the record setup at the DNS Provider.

    In short, this is beyond any Public DNS service provider's control and because of this, Verisign offers the Public DNS Cache Flush service (which not many Public DNS offer). This allow users to flush away any old cache records immediately should they had a high TTL value for their old record.

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