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Differents DNS

edited March 2019 in General Discussion
Hello to all. when I do a test on one site I see one result, and when I do a test on another site I see a different result.

I live in Azerbaijan and when I do a test on the site ( I see that my requests are sent to your servers in the US, and when I do a test on the site ( then there I see that requests go to servers in Germany

. Why is this happening?

and + what kind of firm Intex-Net?


  • Thank you for your feedback! We are reviewing further and you should expect an update from us soon.
  • Verisign's recursive DNS service is Anycast, so destination is determined based on several factors, such as which is the nearest, lowest cost, healthiest, with the least congested route. As neither of these tools are administered by Verisign, we can not definitively tell you how they are testing or coming up with the results they are presenting. Either tool may be introducing slight variables that influence where the query is routed.

    We have no information on Intex-Net. It may be related to your ISP, however the IPs listed are definitely allocated to Versign.
  • Additionally, using public geolocation databases, the IPs that dnsleaktest is reporting as US based are actually located in the Netherlands.
  • my internet provider Baktelecom. This can be seen on the first screenshot.
  • According to ARIN, the IP range in "What is my IP" is assigned to BAKINTER-NET-XDSL. Browserleaks may have interpreted that as INTEX-NET, but you would need to reach out to them for further information. We have no affiliation with that site and no insight into where they have pulled that data from.
  • What ip address you checked? please tell me
  • In the image you posted above, the IP address ending in 228.74
  • Well yes. This is my dynamic address. Changes every time I reboot my laptop. I did not ask about this. I asked about Intex. This is your ip address of your servers in Germany. Not this way?
  • Correct. Those are our IPs. As I stated before, the variation in responses is due to the nature of Anycast. We do not have any further information on Intex or where that name came from, you would need to ask the site that is providing that response.
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