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Troubleshooting Steps

edited January 2016 in Troubleshooting
Please use the steps below to troubleshoot any issues with the Public DNS Service.

• Verify the name you are attempting to lookup is valid and has no typos. For example, if you are using your browser to navigate to "" ensure that the domain name ( in this case) is correct.

• Verify connectivity to the Verisign Public DNS servers. On a Mac or Linux machine, use the traceroute command to ensure connectivity to the servers (on a windows box, use tracert). This command will trace the network connection from your computer to the Public DNS Server.

# Linux / Mac
traceroute -p 53 -T -n (or traceroute
# Windows
tracert –d (or tracert

You should expect to see the address of the Public DNS Server ( or at the end of the list. If this is not the case, please check your network connectivity (possibly contacting your network provider)

• If your connectivity has been verified above, try to directly query the Public DNS Server.
# Linux / Mac

dig @ (or dig @
# Windows
nslookup (or nslookup

You should expect a result with one or more A records


  • Got servfail from the dns server
  • Hello Lalo,

    Thank you very much for your inquiry. Can you provide me with additional information regarding the error you encountered, such as the submitted query (zones queried), timestamps. The issue you are experiencing is it intermittent or consistent? Please advise

    Best Regards,

    Customer Service
  • Is DNSSEC required for listing?

    I was informed that I was getting servfail because the domain was not dnssec.
  • Hello Domattps,

    DNSSEC is not required in order to be able to use the Public DNS service. We resolve signed as well as unsigned zones. If you are intending on using DNSSEC with your domain name, you will need to ensure though that your domain is properly signed since our recursive resolvers will actually validate the signing status should you have opted to use DNSSEC. If failures are detected, such as a mismatch between DS record listed in the registry and the actual signing of your zone, we will not serve up a response, which is the intended behavior for DNSSEC-aware resolvers.

    If you are running into issues with a domain which is using DNSSEC you have several free tools at your disposal that can assist you with troubleshooting, such as Verisign's DNSSEC Debugger and DNSviz just to name a few ( and respectively).
  • thanks! Now I know what to check.
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