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  • Hi WSR, We can whitelist the name servers in question, but we require the IPs associated with the servers. While we can perform a lookup by server name to obtain the IP addresses, it is unclear if those servers are using geolocation, so we want to …
  • Hello Tapetrone, I am unable to see your current configuration, but you should be able to launch the DNS Manager. From there, you will need to view the properties under your DNS server and look for the "Forwarders" tab. Next you'll need to click th…
  • Thank you for your patience, aasalem10! If you can resolve to other domain names using our Public DNS service via IPv6 route, then that confirms the source of the problem is with the issues identified in my previous post specifically with dnsleak.ne…
  • Hello aasalem10, thank you again for your patience while we reviewed the issue you reported in additional detail. We have determined there are multiple issues associated with ipleak.net that need to be corrected before our recursive servers can prov…
  • Hello aasalem10, thank you for the additional information. Again, we will provide you with an update as soon as our Engineering Team provides us with their feedback.
  • Hello aasalem10, thank you for providing the details above. I too have been able to replicate the issue and will escalate a request to our Engineering Team for further assistance. Thank you for your patience and we will provide an update once we rec…
  • Hello Simon, thank you for your patience. Due to the length of the content provided in my results, I sent you an e-mail with those details. Please review those details and let us know if you are still receiving inconsistent results using a DIG reque…
  • Hello mypalabok, we don’t perform any filtering, advertising or redirection on our Public DNS service. Anyone interested in filtering of responses should evaluate our DNS Firewall service – This offers the ability to filter malware destinations, TL…